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Er:YAG Crystals

  Er:YAG Specifications
Er:YAG: Material Parameters:
Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (Y3A5O12
Erbium (Er3+
Dopant Concentration:
50 Atomic %(-7?021cm-3
[111] crystallographic directions (?5?
Wavefront Distortion:
1/2 wave per inch of length, as measured in a doublepass interferometer at 1mm


Anti-Reflection End Coatings:
Reflectivity: less than 0.25% at 2.94 microns
Adhesion and Durability: meets MIL-C-48497A standards
Pulsed Damage Threshold: greater than 10 J cm-2

Laser Properties:
Lasing Transition: 4I11/2 to4I13/2
Stimulated Emission Cross-Section: 3 x 10-20 cm2
Pump Bands: 600-800 nm

  According to different clients' requirements, we can provide various dimensions and specifications Er:YAG
crystals. Any consulting and negotiation are welcome

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