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We provide optical coating service such as high reflective coatings, partial reflective coatings, polarized coatings, anti-reflective coatings and metallic coatings.
High Reflective Coatings
Dielectric High Reflective Coatings provide high reflectance over a broad bandwidth, ideal for a tunable laser or in white light applications. Metallic High Reflective Coatings provide low peak reflectance, mechanical durability and high damage threshold.
Partial Reflective Coatings
Narrow Band Provide 50% reflection and transmission at an angle of 45 degree incidence for a single wavelength. Transmission/Reflection ratio is 20/80. Broad Band provide 50% reflection and transmission over a wide bandwidth.
Anti-Reflective Coatings
Single Layer MgF2, applied to materials with refractive indices from 1.45 to 2.4, is the most popular AR coating for visible spectrum. Multilayer coating is used to provide low reflectance with in a narrow durable wavelength band for most laser applications. Minimum reflection can be less than 0.1%. Broadband multilayer coating has excellent performance over a broad range of spectrum. Coating performance is sensitive to angle of incidence. Dual wavelength Band Low reflectance at two widely spaced wavelengths, such as Nd:YAG Laser(1064nm) and its SHG(532nm).
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