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Spherical lens system to provide wide field angle, short projection distance, small throw ratio, long working distance, low lateral color, low image distortion and high contrast. Provide custom designs to satisfy unique application requirements.
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    Projection Lens
Product No.ModelTypeElementsSphericalBFL/EFLThrow RatioZoomF#Focal Length(mm)Disto-
Panel SizeAdd
100307Rear ProjectionTelecentric9Y3:11:1.12 2.813-17<1%0.5"-0.9"
100308Rear ProjectionTelecentric10Y3:11:1.12 2.513-17<1%0.5"-0.9"
100309Rear ProjectionTelecentric11Y3:11:1.12 2.313-17<1%0.5"-0.9"
100310Front ProjectionTelecentric14Y  1:1.131.730-39<1%0.5"-0.9"
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