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Video Camera Specifications
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    Video Camera Lenses
Product No.Focal Length(mm)      F#       MountSensor Size Add
1002914F/1.2CS1/3"Ajustable Iris
1002924F/1.6CS1/3"Ajustable Iris
1002936F/1.2CS1/3"Ajustable Iris
1002946F/1.6CS1/3"Ajustable Iris
1002958F/1.2CS1/3"Ajustable Iris
1002968F/1.6CS1/3"Ajustable Iris
10029712F/1.2CS1/3"Ajustable Iris
10029816F/1.4C1/2"Ajustable Iris
1002994F/1.6CS1/3"Fixed Aperture
1003008F/2.0CS1/3"Fixed Aperture
1003018F/1.3CS1/3"Fixed Aperture
1003026F/2.0CS1/3"Fixed Aperture
1003036F/1.6CS1/3"Fixed Aperture
10030416F/2.0CS1/3"Fixed Aperture
10030512F/2.0CS1/3"Fixed Aperture
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