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Negative Achromat Lenses
Typically used to reduce spherical aberration, coma and chromatic aberration.


 Design Wavelength480.0nm,546.1nm,643.8nm
 Diameter Tolerance+0.0/-0.15mm
 Paraxial Focal Length+/-2%@546.1 nm
 Centration3 arc minutes
 Clear Aperture>80%
 Surface Figure1/4 wave @632.8 nm
 CoatingSingle layer MgF2 broadband AR coating
 Bevel0.25mmX45 degree

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    Negative Achromat Lenses
Product No.F(mm)Dia.(mm)R1(mm)R2=R3(mm)R4(mm)Tc1(mm)Tc2(mm)Fb(mm)LensA GlassLensB GlassAdd
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